Finding the right person can be a lot of hassle, the stress you go through and more often for a high performer like me, you'd rather just do it yourself. But that's why I choose ACES for my Virtual Assistance needs. I haven't just found a perfect person, I have found the perfect system.



Steven Edwards

Managing Director

Steven Edwards Productions

Resumes & Cover Letters

I would highly recommend Ms Chester based on my experience with the affordable service which was provided.
I was stuck for quite a while trying to re-do my resume, and this was done so very well, along with a CV version at no extra cost.
If you need your resume or CV to soar, you might as well have it flown by ACES.




Jacy Warrick

I would definitely recommend ACES to everyone! Service was exceptional and Ms Chester was very accommodating. The price was an added bonus! I highly doubt you can get this package anywhere else! Looking forward to doing business again with ACES in the near future!







Keishelle Johnson

Academic Papers

I have had the pleasure of working with this company recently and it has exceeded my expectations. I was searching for a while for a proper proofreading service and I was ecstatic to find this page. I spoke to Ayana and my mind was put at ease immediately. The process was smooth and it was a team effort; with efficient and accommodating service. Prices were also amazing! I would highly recommend her to everyone I know.

Lachelle Gopaul

I sought out her services to get my pagination and table of contents done for my M.Ed thesis! It was well done!!!





Drayton Childs

I procured the services of ACES to do a resume and a cover letter not only did they do a great and outstanding job they also re wrote my current CV as an added service it was well done and the encounter with Miss Ayana was most warm and pleasant and she is very accommodating. 
I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to restructure your CV, resume or cover letter at an affordable rate.


Adrian Seecharan


Virtual Assistant Services


Quick and efficient service, although a lot of the times I contact her last minute, her work ethic is a cut above the rest. A lot of the times I'm not sure how to convey what's in my mind but she gets it every time. I won't hesitate to recommend her to anyone, who required her top notch service.




Alicia Smith


Here's what some of our former clients had to say:

“ACES is a professional organization which provides efficient and effective editing services. I used this organization as my main editor for my recently published book 'Fighting your Goliaths'. Timely service at a reasonable price. I recommend them to anyone.”


Sumer Edwards-Williams Author: Fighting Your Goliaths

“An editor must be someone who loves books and enjoys reading. Editing requires that the professional be able to treat with grammar, context, flow and sentence structure in order to ensure that the work tells the appropriate story. Academic editing requires the ability to interpret various scholastic standards. Ayana loves books, reading & has a solid educational background. You will get top tier service from ACES.”

Darryl Bodkin 

Author: Parenting Your Child Leader