Basic Accounting

General Administration

Bookkeeping is time consuming but we are willing to take the load off. We can bring your books up to date and ensure current record keeping. 

Even if you have an administrative need not mentioned here, we are willing to discuss how we can assist to offer more specialised solutions for your company. 

Data Entry

Social Media Management

Data entry is often seen as a boring but necessary task. We are willing to take it off your hands, and ensure accuracy and timeliness. 

Both graphic design and content creation are covered in our social media services across the major platforms. We help you maintain a professional presence in the social media setting. 

General Documents


ACES also works with a wide range of other documents including writing and editing of letters, proposals and more. 

Becoming an author is a daunting task, mostly because persons worry about getting their thoughts accurately on paper for readers. We can help you to fix your manuscript to make it reader (and publisher) ready. 

What We Offer


It is often said that when you write, you see beyond your errors, and envision the corrected text. This results in you overlooking mistakes in your work. A fresh pair of eyes is key to polishing your work. That's where a copy editor/ proofreader comes in. 


Academic Papers

We revise/ write resumes and cover letters, tailoring them specifically to the job position you seek. 

Whether it's a thesis, dissertation or research paper, we edit your document to ensure grammatical, spelling and punctuation accuracy. We also review text flow and adherence to referencing guidelines. 


The greatest goal of a business owner is to increase income while reducing expenses. A Virtual Assistant can help you achieve this goal as you save on personnel costs, yet benefit from efficient service that is tailored to your business needs. 

Virtual Assistance