Where are you located?

Although the business has a registered address in Arima, we are a fully online company. From consultation to payment to the final returned document(s), we use telephone, email and online services for our customers' convenience.  


Do you do business with persons outside of Trinidad and Tobago?

Certainly! As an online business, we are able to use email, Whatsapp, Skype/ Zoom and PayPal to give complete service to foreign customers, from consultation to completion. 

How are payments made?

We have a few options for easy payment:

1. Direct/Fast Deposit or Online Transfer to First Citizens Bank Account 

2. PayPal Account payment (Options also available via Western Union or Money Gram internationally)

3. Paywise Account - Pay at any of over 900 NLCB outlets nationwide

What is the difference between copy editing and proofreading?

Copy editing involves checking written material for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation errors before it is prepared for proofreading. The copy editor may rewrite sentences and rearrange paragraphs to ensure flow.  

When the material is nearly a finished product, the proofreader searches for typographical errors.  A proofreader won't make major changes to the text; rather, they look for minor text and formatting errors before the material is ready to be published.





Besides editing, what other services do you offer?

We also do typing/ drafting of letters and proposals, social media marketing, sales marketing and writing/ revising of cover letters and resumes/ CVs. 


Why should I get my resume revised/ updated?

The following are some reasons why you should get your resume professionally written/ revised:

1. You have not updated it in at least 2 years and/or you have qualifications or job experience information that is missing. 

2. You are looking for a new job and want to ensure that your application is successful and tailored to the position(s) you seek.

3. Even if you have a stable job, an opportunity may present itself for a promotion within your company.

4. A professional would be up to date with current trends in recruitment and would best be able to revise your documents to ensure your success.





What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed person who provides services remotely from their home/office location. Our VAs provide administrative services to small and medium sized companies, saving them money and allowing them to devote more time to their core operations. 

What is your consultation fee?

We offer FREE virtual consultations to our prospective clients. This consultation allows us to clarify your budget, needs and goals as we work together. 


We aim to be the premier provider of Virtual Assistant and Editing services in Trinidad and Tobago. ACES will also provide employment via work from home options to a large number of persons locally. 

Our company provides efficient, excellent service to individuals and companies. We can boast of convenience through our seamless process which is conveniently accessed. 

Every experience we have prepares us for the paths ahead. This is true for Founder, Ayana Chester, whose wealth of experience in a number of administrative roles, both professionally and voluntarily, have positioned her to be efficient and excellent at what she does. 

As an Executive Officer/ Office Manager, she learned to effectively manage multiple tasks daily, including email and social media management, customer relations, event management and general office administration. Ayana’s experience as a teacher and lecturer at the secondary and tertiary levels allowed her to channel her love for the English Language, particularly writing, into guiding students to produce their best work, and to be familiar with standards of academic writing. 

Throughout her own academic pursuits, Ayana always found herself being the Designated Editor for all group assignments because of her keen eye for detail. These opportunities birthed a love and passion for copy editing and proofreading which became a formal pursuit in 2012 when she was approached to edit a doctoral thesis. Talk about jumping in the deep end! Needless to say, there was no turning back. That was the beginning of her own entrepreneurial journey as she assisted many other candidates in achieving their academic goals while guiding them to their path to career success.

Ayana comes from a family business background. During her teenage years, she was heavily involved in the family accounting and human resource consulting businesses getting first-hand experience in data entry, basic bookkeeping and accounting and office administration. Thus, she is well-equipped to serve small and medium sized companies through her virtual assistant services. 

As a wife, mother of three young energetic children and an entrepreneur, Ayana lives by the words of Ralph Marston "Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude." She has always been self-motivated and success driven, as attested to by her own high academic achievements including a Master of Arts in Counselling and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Human Resource Management both with First Class Honours.

Let ACES be your guiding light to success. As a company birthed out of a deep conviction and foundation of excellence, you will be sure that you have made an excellent choice. Therefore, whatever your project, assignment, document or task, you are sure to “Ace it with ACES!” 

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ACES provides Virtual Administrative services for companies. We also offer editing services for academic papers, books and other publications in addition to resume and cover letter writing and restructuring.